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Solar max

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SolarMax® is a brand of Power Highway, we are providing the cost-effective renewable energy products to Corporate, Residential and Commercial Sectors across the country since 2007. Our aim is the commitment for a healthy planet with less carbon intensive economy. They are specialized to design and provide the state of art products of different range in Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries, Charge Controllers, related accessories, equipment and Complete Solar Solutions on turn key basis, which are equipped with latest technology.

About OVIT

Pressing the Elevator Button

Ovit Elevator is Turkey's largest brand in elevator manufacturing services. All components
(rope, cabin, engine and other) used in elevator production are guaranteed under the company's maintenance contract. In this way, the elevator you have built ensures trouble-free use for many years. All elements must be considered in the production of elevators. These elements can be listed as environmental effects, material selection in elevator production, warranty and maintenance, and after-sales services. 


High Speed Pasenger Elevator

Passenger elevators are the types of elevators used in buildings with high human density such as hotels, hospitals, business centers, public buildings.


Freight Elevator Makes Your Jobs Easier

Freight elevator  is typically used to transport materials or pallets between floors of buildings…


Elevator in Villa Comfort

Villa elevator is stylish and aesthetic. Increase the quality with villa elevator in your buildings such as villas and detached houses. Plus it's easy….


Car Lift Systems Make Space For Your Car

Vehicle lift carrying capacity ranges from 2,500 Kg to 10,000 Kg. Standard Features: Strength…


Disabled Elevator Systems

Disabled stair systems are elevators that make the lives of individuals with physical disabilities easier.


Escalator Escalator Belt Systems

Ovit Elevator uses superior materials and technological components in the production of escalators…

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